The following are locations on the map of Rakugaichou.

1 うどん 白蛇うどん Udon - Shiro Hebi Udon White Snake Udon Noodle Bar
2 酒 一献屋 Sakaya Ikkon One Cup Sake Bar
3 鍛冶屋 Kajiya Blacksmith
4 兵器屋 Heikiya Weapons Shop
5 薬 越中屋 Kusuri Etsuchuuya Pharmacy Etsuchuu
6 よろず ありがた屋 Yorozu Arigata Ya General Store Value Market
7 見世物 小屋 Misemono Goya Show Theatre
8 将棋 成金 Shougi Narikane Promoted General Shogi Parlour
9 麻雀荘 Maajansou Mahjong Club
10 詰め所 Tsumesho Officers Post (Wanted posters)
11 慙愧流道場 Zankiryu Doujou Zanki Doujou

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